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Many crimes are often related to the consumption of alcohol. Some people think that the best way to reduce the crime rate is to ban alcohol.
Do you think this is an effective measure against crime? What other solutions can you suggest?

Sample Answer – 1 ( 6.5 Bands)
By : Rosy Bassi

It is true that consumption of liquor affects the mindset of individuals. After drinking alcohol people tend to commit more crimes than usual. It is often believed that banning alcohol is an appropriate way to control the rate of crime. According to me imposing ban on alcohol consumption is not only an impactful approach to reduce the crime from the society. However several other measures need to be taken by the government. This essay will discuss the various other solutions in the following paragraphs.

To begin with, alcohol is a hard drink which is not advisable to consume by various health professionals because it impact individuals physically . When people consume such drink they lost their senses and get indulged in criminal activities. For this reason, drinking and driving is prohibited in every country. Because when people drive any vehicle after consuming alcohol they not only threaten their life but also put others life in danger. Beside this, gang rapes, murders, fights usually happened when people lost their consciousness after consuming hard drinks. Thus, criminal activities can be controlled up to a large extent by strictly banning alcohol consumption. To illustrate, a survey conducted by “The Times” revealed that most of the offenders commit crime due to unconsciousness of their mind. They admitted crimes because they lost their mind after drinking hard drink and get indulged in one or other criminal offences.

The increasing crime in the society is a serious issue to address. This problem can not resolved completely by imposing ban on the consumption of alcohol. Because the people who are addictive to alcohol cannot live without having it regularly. They start taking other drugs if government banned the alcohol. In order to mitigate the crime rate various steps are required to be taken. Firstly, government can create awareness among alcoholics about the ill effects of consuming alcohol. Secondly, the people who are in addiction of alcohol can be sent to the rehabilitation centers where with the help of counseling from professional counselors they can come out from their bad habit. Thirdly, Government can fix the punishment and fine on consuming any kind of drug.

To conclude, alcohol is a curse for society. It gives birth to several crimes. I strongly believe that apart from banning alcohol several other measures should be taken by the authorities such as sending alcoholics to rehabilitation centers and imposing heavy fine on them.


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