Listening (45 Minutes) :

Five video scenarios in various settings.
Four audio scenarios (phone calls and shift-to-shift reports).

  • One should always pre-read the questions to understand the scenario to be played.
  • Mark answers in your answer booklet as soon as you hear the information required for the answer.
  • Practice listening, or viewing, and answering questions at the same time.


Reading :

Try to understand the meaning of the word by looking at how and for what it has been used in the sentence.Context of the word matters a LOT!!!.
Try to figure out the type of word(verb, adjective, noun) by looking at its surroundings in the sentence.

For example(Taken from CELBAN centre):

Read the following examples :
Sometimes you can understand an unknown word by looking at its context, that is, the words and sentences around the word. The phrase that is introduces a definition of “context.” Nurses are often overwhelmed by feelings of compassion or pity for the suffering of their patients. The conjunction or tells us that the words “compassion” and “pity” have similar meanings and can be used in place of each other.

Find the meaning of the underlined word :
1. The nurse noticed the two patients in the room were very different. Ms. Lee was gregarious, while Ms. LaMabe was quiet. (a) shy (b) honest (c) timid (d) outgoing
2. The patient came to the clinic with the complaint of being tired. She had no energy after several sleepless nights. She said she felt very lethargic. (a) active (b) lively (c) exhausted (d) bored

Writing :

Structure of the Text