IELTS 8777 : Importance and how to achieve it.

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IELTS test bands are used by immigration authorities all over the world in order to make a selection amongst aspirants for permanent residency for their respective countries. As countries make selection based on point based system, so this is where the importance of more bands in IELTS, gains significance and prominently the attractive figure of 8777 in IELTS.

IELTS 8777 means that a person has to score the below mentioned bands in each module of IELTS exam and the following table throws light on it.


So, the question arises why this particular combination is important and what difference can it make to overall score of an applicant.

The mystery behind this score is explained in relation to someone who is planning to immigrate to Canada and Rup’s case study highlights the significance of this score as follows.

Case :  Rup wants to move to Canada under the Express Entry System and basic details of Rup are as follows:

CriteriaRup’s SummaryExpress entry CRS points
Marital Statussingle
EducationBachelors Degree120
Canadian work experienceNO0
Foreign work experience3 years25-50
Brother sister in CanadaNO0
IELTSTo be calculatedBased on the chart below

If we keep all the parameters mentioned above same and only consider different IELTS scores , then it is easier to understand the importance of IELTS 7778.

Canadian immigration authorities see CLB equivalent of individual IELTS scores for calculating total scores for express entry. The CLB charts used are shown below:

CLB level per abilityWith a spouse

(Maximum 128 points)

Without a spouse

(Maximum 136 points)

Less than CLB 400
CLB 4 or 566
CLB 689
CLB 71617
CLB 82223
CLB 92931
CLB 10 or more3234

The chart used to convert IELTS score to CLB is given below :

IELTS – General Training – Test score equivalency chart
CLB LevelReadingWritingListeningSpeaking

When both these charts are seen together, then it can be seen that IELTS 8777 score is equal to CLB 9. So, even a half band score variation from IELTS 8777 can reduce CLB level from CLB 9.

An unmarried person with CLB 9 scores 31 points for each module in their IELTS, but in addition to this, they get 50 points instead of 25 for skill transferability factors because of having CLB 9, and 50 points instead of 25 for foreign work experience  with CLB 9.

In this given case study, Rup’s IELTS scores converted to various CLB scores is given below:

CLB scoreLanguage Score
CLB 931*4 = 124
CLB 823*4 = 92
CLB 717*4 = 68
CLB 69*4 = 36



A person who scores 8777 in IELTS will score:

  • 32 more points than someone with CLB 8 in their language ability.
  • 50 points more than someone with CLB 8 in their Skill Transferability Factors and Foreign work experience
Total Difference of CLB 8 and CLB 9 (8777)    82 Points

That is why people are trying hard to achieve the magical figure of 8777 in IELTS to increase their chances of getting permanent residency of Canada.


Attaining 8777 in IELTS requires a good understanding of the English language. In addition to this, one also needs to understand the structure of the IELTS test modules so as to prepare for the test well. However, surprisingly, even after having a decent level of understanding in English, people sometimes fail to achieve this magical score of 8777 and IELTS Writing module is one of the major hurdles in achieving this target. It is often observed that students’ preparation is not good enough for getting 7 bands in Writing due to their lack of understanding about how their writing is evaluated.

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