IELTS Essay – 106


Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that is why they have greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women in parenting. What is your opinion?

Men and women, both play a crucial role in the upbringing of their off springs. Every parent loves their children more then anything else in the world and want to raise them as better individuals. In my opinion, the role of mother in looking after their kids outweighs the role of men, in the sense that women is in the position to spend more of her time with the children.

To begin with, firstly in many societies, women are homemakers and have plenty of time to devote towards kids whereas fathers are busy outside to earn a living for the entire family. Additionally, a mother is the first person a child gets more attached to since his or her birth. When a child grows up a little and starts his primary education, it is his mother who looks after his studies. Moreover, owing to this beautiful mother-child relationship, kids prefer to share their problems and emotions with mothers. At the first place, mother’s possess the tendency to understand their kids better and are genetically less likely to be aggressive as compared to men. However, there exist gentlemen and aggressive women, but majority of women are better at interacting with their off springs.

Furthermore, daughters learn many things from their mothers at home. For instance, the nurturing methods followed by mothers are naturally adopted by their daughters in the future. How parents treat their off springs is evaluated through their physical and mental growth. On the contrary, the aggressive trait of father helps to make their children more disciplined and organized. However, being a breadwinner father helps to secure the financial future of children, which is equally important to the kids.

To conclude, it is evident that mothers are lead players to support their kids mentally and emotionally, whereas, fathers make them financially secure and stable individual with their diverse experiences. However, to claim that females make better parents will be partial judgment. Therefore, both are equally important to raise and uplift them properly.

Bands: 6.5

By: Rimal



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