IELTS Essay 108


The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree?

A portion of individuals have a perspective that most of the people prefer buying things online rather than going to market. Moreover, they state that shopping malls and markets will diminish one day. However, I firmly disagree with the given statement.

There is a plethora of people who believe that in future, masses will only do shopping on internet by visiting various shops and markets. There are several reasons that justify the given statement. The most crucial point that needs to be considered is that it is more convenient due to the reason that, people who work on daily basis do not get a chance to go outside for shopping, prefer doing it online as it reduces time as they need not to bother to look for shops and travel distances. In addition to this, another essential point that is equally considerable is that there are several shopping websites available in today’s era to check for different products and prices while resting at home.

On the other hand, there is another school of thought that thinks that regardless of the fact that online shopping is convenient, masses still go for shopping in malls, store and shops. There is still a group of individuals who are unfamiliar with the advanced technology and they find it difficult to search for the shopping sites on internet. Therefore, they prefer to shops things on site. Additionally, there are chances to get inaccurate sizes and bad quality products online as one cannot check it on-hand that leads to wastage of money.

To conclude, although advancement of technology has given several facilities like online shopping that helps to save time, but I still believe that it cannot reduce the importance of shops and markets in people’s life.

Bands: 6.5

By: Chanchal



  1. Kiran says:


    – physical inspection
    – quality/size can be different
    – instant needs
    – e-transactions/ online fraud

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