IELTS Essay 109


Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

A number of individuals believe that it is crucial to keep their office and house neat and clean. Also, they think everything should be kept properly and at the right spot. I my perspective also, it is required to be perfect with placing items at the right place and with cleanliness.

To begin with, there are many factors which support the thought of being well managed at personal and professional level. Firstly, it is always a positive vibe around whenever anyone enters the house and experience everything sorted perfectly and with cleanliness. It is an important routine one should follow as it spreads a feeling of freshness and relaxation. Secondly, children learn first at home only, so if the house is not dirty and all the items are well placed, this may affect the upbringing of offsprings and they learn a lesson out of it. Hence, this will help in their future lives with better sense of managing things and keeping the area around neat and clean.

In addition to this, there are many factors which favor cleanliness and being well organized at professional level as well. One major point to be discussed is that any employee with a lot of clutter around might be seen as a lazy worker and may impact their career. Another crucial point is that many professional premises visited by their customers on a daily basis, so an unorganized display of products and dust around may lead an impression of irresponsible company and hence may result in dent on sales.

To conclude, I believe that being well managed at personal and professional level is a must. The factors like positivity at house and learning for children do support this. On the other hand, professional growth and company image is also affected a lot.

Bands: 6.0

By: Hushendra Sharma



  1. Navi says:


    – time saving
    – mental peace
    – good impression
    – efficiency/productivity

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