IELTS Essay 27


Science will soon make people live up to 100 or even 200 years. Some people believe that this is good while others disagree. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.

Improvements and innovations in science are growing really fast, which are considered as a source to increase a person’s life span upto 100 or 200 years. This future achievement is accounted as a positive change by few people because they will have more time to fulfill their wishes. Whereas, rest of the people think that long life will lead to many problems. I totally agree with the later viewpoint.

A number of individuals prefer to have a longer period of their existence. The reason behind this thought is that they want to spend more time on their personal and professional goals. For instance, a person is sometimes dead before reaching his desired objectives. Whereas, by having more time, an individual can get free from time bond and he will target his goals in an easy manner. Furthermore, nowadays everyone is so indulged in their professional life, so they do not get time for their loved ones. Therefore, long life will give them a chance to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

On the contrary, other people do not want to live extra years in their life. They do not think so because they believe that with increasing years of life, they will encounter more health issues and this will further make them dependent on others. Hence, they want to enjoy short but independent life. In addition, with increased livability, there will be an increase in the population which will affect the economic growth of a country and a competition for employment will elevate among individuals.

To encapsulate, even though longer life will give more time to achieve life objectives but it will also increase burden of many countries with increased number of dependent individuals. So, according to me, it is good to have limited but healthy life period which could be productive enough to run efficient life.

Bands: 6.0

By: Amandeep Kaur


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