IELTS Essay 46


Famous personalities face many problems due to their stardom, but, they enjoy many benefits as well. Do you think the advantages of being famous overweigh the disadvantages?

A number of individuals have a perspective that due to fame, celebrities have to confront various challenges in their life, however some people think that regardless of the problems, they get a chance to earn more advantages in life. This essay will shed light on both the merits and demerits of the given aspect in the upcoming paragraphs. But, as per my opinion, the benefits of being a public figure outstrip its drawbacks.

To begin with, there is an array of merits of being famous. The most important one to be considered is money, that comes in bulk for a celebrity even for their presence in a certain event, that common people can not achieve even after doing so many jobs. In short, they have a luxurious lifestyle. Another crucial point to be discussed is their social status. As they are cherished by masses for their performances, this further leads to a good reputation. In addition to this, famous personalities get benefit of traveling around the world because of their work without even investing their own money.

However, the drawbacks of gaining popularity cannot be overlooked. First of all, there is no privacy in a celebrity’s life, as a consequence, it gets hard for them to go alone anywhere without being noticed by others. Moreover, their personal relationships get exposed in a good way or a bad way. Secondly, they get stuck in controversies easily due to the reason that anything done by them gets attention by media quickly to fabricate their headlines. Most of the time, those are just rumors to create sensational news.

To conclude, although there is a plethora of advantages of being a public figure such as controversies and no secrecy in life, however the benefits such as luxurious lifestyle and chance of exploring different locations overshadow the demerits.

Bands: 6.5

By : Chanchal


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