IELTS January 2020


IELTS Recent Questions January 2020

IELTS Recent Questions  Januaty 2020 (11 January, 2020)


Essay :

Some people think that it is beneficial for youngsters to live on their own or with friends after completing their school. Do you agree or disagree?


Letter :

Write a letter to your friend to invite him to a concert. In your letter:

  • – Descibe the situation
  • -Give details of the concert
  • – Why do you want him to accompany you.

Write a letter to Manager of an airport for appreciating an employee who helped you. In your letter explain:

  • What the problem was ?
  • How the employee proved to be helpful ?
  • What do you want manager to do to felicitate the employee ?


Speaking :

Cue Card

1 .Describe a memorable event.

2 .Describe a challenge that you faced recently.

  • What was the challenge?
  • Why was it challenging ?
  • How did you overcome that challenge ?

3.Describe a thing which you bought

  • What was it?
  • Where did you buy it?
  • Did you find it difficult to use?



Writing :

Letter :

You had borrowed a book from your teacher to complete a course, but could not return it.Now you want to return the book.Write a letter to your teacher expalining :

  • Which book it was?
  • How much useful it was ?
  • What was the reason you could not return it ?


You are trying to make a website for your new business. Write a letter to your friend asking for his help for the same and explaining :

  • What is website about?
  • What help do you want ?
  • If you plan to pay for his services or not .

Essay :

  1. Some people prefer to rent a house , rather than buying the house.Do you think renting has more advantages or disadvantages.
  2. Students are given homework in their classes to be done at home. What do you think is it useful or not to give homework ?

Speaking :


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