IELTS Recent Questions – 26 July, 2019



1. What are your hobbies?
2. Tell me something about your hometown?
3. How often do you smile?

Cue Card

Talk about a problem that you solved through internet
-What was the problem
– How much time did it take to solve that problem
-How did you feel after solving that problem

Follow-up questions

1. Do people like to read books or through internet?
2. How do you like to read?
3. Is internet used for study or for research more?
4. Does internet bring families closer?


Recent Questions 6 July,19



You want to move to another city. Write a letter to an agent who can help you to find an accommodation to live there. In your letter:
-Why and when do you want to movement
– what type of accommodation do you want
– In which type of locality do you want to move


Some parents think that mobile phone is advantageous for children, whereas, some others say that it is not. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.

Speaking Test 1


Do you work or study?
Where do you belong to?
For how much time have you been living there?
Which place do you like to go to with your friends?

Cue card

Describe a historical building.
– Where is it.
– How did you get to know about this?
– what is special about this building?

Follow-up questions

Do you think photos are better or diary writing is better for keeping memories?
Why do people like to click photographs?
What are the benefits of diary writing?

Speaking Test 2


1. Do you work or study?
2. What do you like about your job?
3. What do you learn in your job?
4. What do you want to learn in your job?

Cue card

Describe the job that your grandparents(he/she) did?
– what was it
-what did this work include
– what else did they do other than this

Follow-up questions

1. What type of difficulties did they face?
2. Was that job dangerous?
3. How jobs in the past used to be different than modern times.
4. Robots are used in many fields today, is it good or bad?
5. In what type of fields are the robots used?
6. Can we use robots everywhere?
7. What would happen if the robots are used everywhere?
8. Are you patient in nature?
9. Has this quality changed than when you were young?
10. Do you often look at sky?
11. Do you like to look at sky during the day or night?
12. Where would you like to sit to watch sky?


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