IELTS Sample Essay – 105


Some people think that it is beneficial for youngsters to live on their own or with their friends after completing their school. Do you agree or disagree?

A segment of individuals argue that young school graduates reap substantial advantages when they share accommodation with their close acquaintances or reside in solitude, away from their parents. I completely agree with this argument.

First and foremost, living away from the parents makes the lives of young individuals more independent. Despite the fact that parents are usually very caring and protective , living separately from them means adolescents can have more freedom to explore the world around them. Most of the elderly parents, having a traditional mindset, force their children to choose a career or a job which the young aspirant may dislike to pursue. This hardly happens when they live away from their parents.

Furthermore, when young people spend more time with their age mates, they know more about their own world. Sharing ideas and knowledge with their peers broadens their perspective, which helps these young individuals to understand and handle the issues of contemporary society even more effectively. This further helps not only the adults in their personal growth, but also the society in general.

Finally, to live with one’s own self provides an opportunity for self-reflection. Being farther from their families, the young people often have more chances to spend time pondering on their own strengths and weaknesses. This meditative practice incites them to groom their personalities by being self-critical instead of finding excuses for their mistakes.

To conclude, there is no doubt that it is more advantageous for youngsters to live alone or with their friends after finishing their finishing their school education as it provides them freedom, helps expand their worldly knowledge and gives time for self-reflection.

Bands: 7.0

By: Gurpreet Jheeta


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