Successful companies use advertisements to increase their sales. What can make an advertisement interesting? Do you think it is very good thing or a bad thing for the society?

Today we see hard core competition among companies to increase their market share.
They use different schemes and plans to allure the public. Advertisements are used to catch the attention of the consumer. I t mostly leads to pushing customers to buy products without having complete information about the product. People end up being fooled by the glamour depicted in the advertisement.

When we look around, we see beautiful colorful hoardings, fliers and electronic advertisements on our television. Companies spend a large amounts of money to create a visual and audio impact of the product on the minds of the buyer. They hire and use famous movie stars and show them using the product. Also, a new trend of using fictional characters to allure the child consumer is getting very popular. It is seen that company owners are using every method to glamorize the product to increase the sales.

I find this trend very dangerous as it poses multiple threats to the buyer. Most of the times, people end up buying the product because of the false promises made in the advertisement. Furthermore, if it is endorsed by a popular movie star or a well known personality, the innocent consumer takes it seriously and thinks it to be an endorsement of the product by the person whom they know as a hero on the screen. It has also surfaced in various surveys that the side-effects of various health products and beauty products are not shown in fliers and people end up playing with their health.

To conclude, it would be right to say that companies use advertisements as a tool to raise their sales and fail to inform the consumer about the pros and cons of the products. The innocent consumer falls into the trap of glamour and ends up spending hard earned money on useless items. It not only puts their health and well being at risk, but also in several cases proves to be life threatening.

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BY : Gosha Chanana


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