It is observed that the rate of crime among children and teenagers is increasing. Why is it growing? How should these criminals be treated?

Universally, juvenile offenses have risen in the past few years. More and more youngsters are found walking on the path of violence and breaking rules. There are many reasons which have led to rise in adolescent crime like exposure to violent video games and reduction in parental control. However, this situation can be dealt with appropriate government policies as by embracing such criminals with compassion and kindness.

According to many government reports, it has surfaced that criminal offenses on the part of growing kids is on a rise. The research suggests that the teenagers are indulging in such activities due to loosening of traditional family control. Nowadays, joint family system is breaking into nuclear family system. Furthermore, both the parents are working which reduces family interaction and appropriate guidance is not given when needed the most. Also the easy access of internet has provided wrong orientation to such children. Violent video games and heroic depiction of criminals in movies has set a bad precedent . These children lack role models in their life and end up doing what according to them is brave and heroic.

However, this state of affairs can be reversed y providing appropriate guidance to students in school and narrating them the stories of those who took the wrong path and ruined their lives. On the other hand such criminals should be treated with love and affection and at the same time should be given some sort of vocational education while they serve their term so that once out of jail they can start a new life. Apart from this, parents of these teenagers should also be guided to accept their children back in to the community, The general attitude of adolescents should be positive and forgiving.

To conclude, it can be rightly said that parents need to spend more time with their children and continuously monitor the activities of their children. The government and the society needs to work out a constructive plan to rehabilitate such kids so that they can become productive members of society.

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By : Gosha Chanana


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