IELTS Sample Essay – 43


Some people think that cheaper air travel has led to increased number of flights and hence more pollution. Do you think that the advantages of inexpensive air travel are more than its disadvantages.

Nowadays, people like to travel to different countries. It is considered by number of individuals that there is a rise in the number of flights because of the inexpensive air travel and this led to increase in the pollution. There are a lot of merits and demerits of cheaper air travel.

To begin with, there are numerous benefits of inexpensive air travel. The first one is that it saves money for the common masses. If a common man wants to go to a foreign country, they can easily travel because of cheaper flights. Even more, this gives rise in the tourism. If more and more people travel to other nations, the businesses also grow. This is good for the country as there can be an improvement in the economy of that country.

On the other hand, there are a lot of drawbacks of cheaper flights. The first one is that if a lot of folks travel from one country to another it will lead to pollution. For instance, if more individuals travel to other countries, then, nations have to cut down trees for the accommodation. The second one is that, to make more money, companies start to make low quality planes, like they start having uncomfortable seats, unhygienic food and many more things.

In a nutshell, it is evident that each and everything has pros and cons but it depends on the person how to take benefits of that. According to me, it is more advantageous to travel in an inexpensive flights, and poor are able to travel, because every person can afford these flights.

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