IELTS Sample Essay – 44


In addition to travel and work, there are many reasons due to which people learn foreign languages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There are thousands of languages in the whole world and many individuals try to know them for many reasons rather than just for traveling and job purpose. I second this idea for learning new language for various reasons.

People migrate from one country to another. If they change countries, ultimately it becomes crucial for them to know the local language of the new country otherwise, it is difficult for them to survive. According to a survey of Sweden University of Languages, there are 85% students in their college who are learning new language as they want to migrate to another country.

Although it might be boring for many people to learn new language as a hobby, but there are some folks who enjoy exploring new languages and they find this task interesting. Many people spend their leisure time to learn a new language. Besides this, most of the individuals feel confident when they pursue knowledge in various languages. They feel that if they become multilingual, they can be more comfortable in society.

There are many individuals who want to marry someone from different culture. Therefore, in order to express his/her feelings to the desired person, he/she learns the different language. Moreover, if one has an interest in researching more about ancient monuments and artifacts of another country, then one can learn more about them if he/she knows the local language of the place that artifact or monument belongs.

To conclude, there are numerous personal reasons behind being a multilingual personality and it is beneficial in many ways for the learners. It not only boosts the confidence of an individual but also helps in professional progress.

Snehal Mahajan

Bands: 7.0


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