IELTS Sample Essay 72


IELTS Sample Essay 72 : Universities should accept the equal number of male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is generally debatable among a majority of people that educational institutions should allow same proportion of boys and girls in all courses. According to my point of view, I disagree to the given notion to a great extent. In the following paragraphs, I will try to shed some light on the primary reasons that why this phenomena may bring several conflicts in pupils.

To begin with, although equality in every field eliminates discrimination between both genders, but in regard to economic perspectives, the selection of a particular student in certain courses must be based on their capabilities as well as their inclination and determination towards a specific stream. For example, if a female pupil is more interested in medical science and could not get admission in that owing to reserved seats, then she has to take another subject beyond her desire that will eventually result in poor grades. Secondly, it will give birth to some other detrimental consequences such as loss of curiosity, lack of competition, boredom, low passing rate etcetera. To illustrate, following this sort of trend will imply the college going people to choose limited streams which might be quite difficult for them because of their lack of enthusiasm to such courses . As a result, they will develop negative emotions which might increase their absence in the classroom settings.

To add on, saving equal number of seats for men and women in different fields might hamper the visualization of someone’s caliber in a specific area because they might have to choose any subject regardless of their will power due to their inability to get admitted to their desired courses.

To sum up, the decision of universities regarding choosing the number of different sexes for various fields should be based on the caliber, academic achievements, interest and dedication of pupils and the bias in terms of getting into some areas of individual interest should be abolished.

By : Ramandeep Kaur Bhandal

Bands: 7.5


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