IELTS Sample Essay – 86


Some people think that the death penalty should be never given, even for the most serious crimes. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is considered by many individuals that legalizing killing should never be the ultimate outcome even for the most critical offense. In my opinion, I completely agree as these crimes can happen due to some illnesses which can be taken care of. Below are some of my viewpoints to support this.

To start with, there are various factors that can lead to committing serious violations. First of all, because of the increasing population, the unemployment rate is also inclining. Consequently, a group of masses find it challenging to manage their living expenses and end up taking these kind of steps. Secondly, many a times, there are compelling conditions that force people to indulge in these situations. For example, a few number of folks start selling drugs or some illegal things just to keep surviving, which is regarded as an unlawful act.

However, these problems can be resolved rather than giving a death sentence. For example, an individual can be given lifetime imprisonment instead of taking his life. By doing this, one can realize his mistake and may become a responsible citizen of the country. Not only this, nowadays, there are several programs that are being held in almost every nation that advice people, who are illiterate, and are vulnerable to these offenses. Furthermore, although, these unlawful acts can not be neglected, a person can be given a second chance to improve his mistakes.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate my opinion and say that legalized killing should not be the final decision even for the most severe crimes because everyone deserves a final chance and the cause leading to these crimes should be resolved rather than giving a death penalty.

(6.5 BANDS)

Sample – 2

There are some masses who believe that capital punishment should not be given at any cost, even, if one commits a very serious offense. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

To begin with, nobody has the right to kill any person because of his criminal record. Moreover, it is never justified to give such a big punishment to anybody who has committed a crime. Secondly, death penalty is there for crimes that have not decreased due to the fear of it. It means that such a harsh punishment could not eradicate the crime from the map of the world.

Furthermore, criminals should be penalized with life imprisonment so that they can realize the seriousness of their offense and may become responsible citizens. Apart from this, the root cause of the problem should be identified that why any person is committing any offense that is disastrous for others. After realizing the predisposing factors like illiteracy and unemployment about problems, this problem should be solved. Above all, deadly criminals should also be given a second chance to live their lives. In order to make them better citizens, some moral values must be taught to them, so that they can live with their changed state of mind.

To conclude, I personally feel that death sentence is not a solution to deadly crimes. Hence, these criminals should be given other punishments like putting them behind bars for lifetime and they should be given a second chance to realize their mistakes and live their lives like normal citizens.

(Jagdeep Singh Khatra)

Bands: 6.0


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