IELTS Sample Essay – 89


Some people think that they should change their career at least once in their lifetime. However, others believe that it is good to change to stick to one particular field throughout one’s lifetime.Discuss both views and give your opinion. 

It is considered by a number of individuals that they should alter their profession minimal once in their career, whereas others opine that it is beneficial to keep working on one specific domain for their entire life. This essay will highlight both the views before forming an opinion.

To begin with, there are numerous factors asserting that changing the career could be beneficial in the long run. First of all, working in different divisions bestow exposure to one’s occupation. The person will have the opportunity to learn new things over the course of his employment. Not only this, but he will also acquire knowledge of various fields. For instance, an individuals working as a sales associate can earn several skills and knowledge switching to other profile such as finance coordinator. Although, it might have him deal with some challenges in the beginning, but eventually, he will work through it. Secondly, this diversification will lead to more career opportunities in the market. To illustrate, having more knowledge and experience in different fields will equip an individual with the resources that can be utilized in getting a better job.

On the other hand, there are some facts that illustrate that working in the same profession can be more useful. To start with, one can become the master of one particular department and can be promoted to senior level in the future. In addition to that, sticking to one specific domain will also aid to get more income and a luxurious lifestyle, consequently.

To conclude, whereas sticking to one profession provides career growth and development and improves the lifestyle, I opine that altering career will not only provide more career opportunities but will give exposure to different occupations.

(Navdeep Kaur)

(7 Bands)


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