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Some people think that the level of news in TV and newspaper is degrading day by day. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

(6.0 Bands)
(Harjot Kaur Malhi)


A number of folks believe that in contemporary era, the standard of television and newspaper news is deteriorating. I totally agree with the aforementioned statement. This essay with discuss about the declining standard of news on various channels and newspapers.

To commence with, there are a variety of factors which lead to declining level of news. First, nowadays, the level of competition is inclining. In terms of news, due to the advancement in the number of news channels and variety of newspapers, the standard of actual report is falling down. News reporters just promote their channels instead of imparting explanation of news. Secondly, these days, several news channels deliver news twenty four hours. Within this time, any person could be the part of the news, anytime these days because they do not care about privacy. To illustrate, if any famous personality like a sportsman or an actor does any activity unrelated to their profession, the media exaggerates that news and makes it easily reachable to people.

Further strengthening my viewpoint, in modern time, everyone wants fame. News reporters and media channels are earning huge amounts of money, through the commercial advertisements in between news. Further elaborating my point, news reporters sometimes print fake news. As mentioned earlier, there are a numerous reporting channels, so they utilize the free time in which they do not have enough to report, deliver fake news. The big reporting channels’ main concern is to earn profit, if they get a chance to earn money they even go to an extent of broadcasting fake news.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate my opinion that the standard of journalism in television and newspapers is declining due to the increasing competition within the news channels and the desire to earn fame. If news channels and newspapers maintain the privacy of the pubic and do not deliver fake news then the standard of today’s news can be maintained like earlier.



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