Speaking Test(Fully Solved)

Examiner recording the details of the candidate:

This is the speaking test of the International English Language Testing System taking place on Saturday the 14 March 2020 at Chandigarh center, center number A123. The candidate is Margaret Smith and the candidate number is 0001234. The examiner is Ponting Martin, examiner number 432100.

Examiner: Good morning, my name is Ponting Martin. Can you tell me your full name?

Candidate: My full name is Margaret Smith.
Examiner: What should I call you?
Candidate: You can call me by my nick name Mary.
Examiner: Can I see your identification please?
Candidate: Sure. (Give your passport to the examiner)
Part 1 (Introductory questions)
Examiner: In the first part of the interview, I’m going to ask you some questions related to yourself.

So, let’s talk about what you do.
1. Examiner: Do you work or study?
Candidate: I am an international student in Canada and I am studying Web Development. Also, I’ve taken up a part time job of teaching English.
2. Examiner: What are your job duties?
Candidate: I do a variety of tasks as a part of my job. My duties mainly include imparting grammatical knowledge to my students through interactive activities. Apart from this, I am also responsible for some administrative tasks like keeping track of students’ attendance and their performance in speaking and writing English.
3. Examiner: Let’s talk about your hobbies. What do you like to do in your free time?
Candidate: I’m a music lover, so, in my leisure time, I prefer to listen to music. Besides this, I also like to watch movies that align well with my interests.
4. Examiner: What type of music do you like?
Candidate: My preference of music actually depends upon my mood. While I am alone, I like to listen to soft music as it gives peace to my stressed mind. However, in party mode, I would rather like to dance to rock music.
5. Examiner: Which is your favourite movie?
Candidate: I like to watch romantic movies, especially the ones that are different from the normal love stories. Twilight is one such movie in which the story revolves around the relationship of a normal girl and a vampire. The one thing that makes this movie interesting is the element of suspense as the viewer keeps guessing what will happen next.

Part-II (Cue card)
Examiner: Now, I am going to give you a topic to talk about for 1 to 2 minutes. You have one minute to plan what you are going to say and you can make notes if you wish. Do you understand?

Talk about an environmental law that your country should implement.
You should say:
• What law should it be
• Who should follow the law
• Do you think it would be easy to implement and enforce this law
The examiner gives the candidate a paper, pencil and the topic.
The examiner gives 1 minute for preparation and prompts the candidate to start speaking after that.
Examiner: Could you please start speaking now?
Candidate: As per my perspective, the most important environmental law that needs to be implemented in my country is related to waste management. I think people should be prohibited from throwing garbage outside their houses. As of now, there is no such law that can deter people from throwing garbage outside their houses, so my country is facing disastrous impacts of environmental pollution. I think there has to be a legal procedure according to which the offenders of such law should be prosecuted and heavy fines should be imposed on the offenders. Well, although, it is easy to say so but it is very difficult to implement, mainly because of the fact that a large proportion of population in my country is illiterate and hence, it is very difficult to make them aware that how their actions are impacting the environment. Apart from this, even if the general public is made aware, there will be large amounts of money that will be required to spend on giving them a feasible solution to dispose off their household wastes. So, it will pose another challenge for the government to come up with a solution and provide dustbins to the public and apart from this, they need to bring up some other solution to dispose that waste from the dustbins.
Examiner: Thank you. (The candidate stops speaking). The examiner stops the candidate anywhere between 1 to 2 minutes.

Part-III (Discussion questions)
Examiner: In the last part of this test, I’ll ask you some general questions that are related to the cue card topic.
1. Examiner: Which is the most important environmental concern in the area where you live?
Candidate: I reside near a forest and in my neighborhood; deforestation is a major concern. There is a tremendous increase in the number of new immigrants coming in and due to the need of building new houses; trees are being cut on a large scale.
2. Examiner: Do you think people these days are aware of their responsibilities towards the protection of the environment?
Candidate: As per my perspective, most people do not pay attention towards the things that they need to do in order to save the environment. This is evident from the fact that in most parts of the world, environment is continuously being degraded even after so many warnings and alerts by experts.
3. Examiner: How is human activity negatively impacting the environment?
Candidate: Humans are polluting their surroundings in a number of ways. Firstly, industries produce large amounts of waste which is generally not treated well before discharge. Secondly, people do not want to compromise with their comfortable lifestyle and the usage of air conditioners, cars and plastic are playing havoc with the environment. So, the modern man is contributing a lot to worsen the situation.
4. Examiner: Do you think the government in your country is doing enough to protect the environment?
Candidate: I do believe that the authorities have taken some steps to save the nature but I do not think that these steps are sufficient according the current circumstances. There are so many other things in which government intervention is required.