7+ Bands Vocabulary

Writing uncommon and impressive words effectively is highly appreciated in the IELTS writing. This makes it important for an IELTS aspirant to practice using a variety of words that are not commonly used by people.
Students generally understand the importance of good words but many of them struggle with this aspect of writing. It is often observed that students try to memorize lists of good words, hoping to use them in their writings, but they can never be sure if those words will actually be useful for their final writing or not. So, an easy approach to ensure this is to work in two directions.
– Learn the uncommon synonyms of the most commonly used words in the IELTS writings.
– Learn the vocabulary of the most commonly asked topics in the IELTS writings.
In this text, synonyms of the most commonly used words are discussed based on the first approach.
1. Analyze
Meaning – Examine, Study
Example: The given statement needs to be analyzed before forming an opinion.
2. Firmly
Meaning- powerfully, strongly
Example: I firmly believe that primary education should be free of cost.
3. Wholeheartedly
Meaning: completely and sincerely
Example: I wholeheartedly believe that the Internet has more advantages than disadvantages.
4. Plethora
Meaning: excess, abundance
Example: There are a plethora of reasons to believe in this viewpoint.
5. Catalyze
Meaning: cause to begin
Example: Globalization has catalyzed the economic growth of many countries.
6. Outweigh
Meaning: exceed
Example: The benefits of use of computers in education outweigh its negative impacts.
7. Alleviate
Meaning: relieve, making a problem less severe
Example: Regular exercise can alleviate many health problems.
8. Nevertheless
Meaning: in spite of that, however
Example: Nevertheless, there various demerits of using computers in education.
9. Delve
Meaning: reach inside and search for something.
Example: Both the viewpoints need to be delved before reaching a conclusion.
10. Strenuous
Meaning: difficult, tiring
Example: Sports stars put strenuous efforts in their work to be successful.