Argumentative Essays

IELTS Essay Writing : Argumentative by RupIELTS Institute Surrey

Example: Some people think that teenagers are the happiest of all age groups, due to fewer responsibilities. Others, however, think that adult life brings more happiness. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.

If the question statement includes, “Discuss both the views and give your own opinion”, then the essay comes under argumentative category. So, the candidate will be expected to write two viewpoints and conclude the essay with his/her own opinion. For example, in an answer to the given essay question, the candidate should write the arguments to justify:

  • teenagers are the happiest of all age groups (first viewpoint)
  • adult life brings more happiness (second viewpoint)
  • candidate’s own opinion

To answer this type of question properly, follow the following format.



Paraphrase the question + Give your opinion



(Body Paragraph 1)


Discuss 1st view with arguments



(Body Paragraph 2)


Discuss 2nd view with arguments





Give a summary of the 1st  view and the 2nd view and repeat your opinion



Solved Example: