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People sleep less than before in many countries. Why do people sleep less? What effect does it have on an individual and on society?

Sample Answer – 1 ( 6.5 Bands)
By : Kamaldeep

Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of sleep deprivation among various persons in most of the nations. The possible cause behind this is the rise in stress level among persons which prevent them to take the required sleep. Therefore, it produces detrimental affects on the health of an individual and also makes them less social interactive.

The essential cause of people having inadequate sleep is that people have become more workaholic in these days. In other words, they are involved in rat race after material possessions and put themselves under tremendous pressure. Hence, it leads to increase their stress level and therefore, people are not able to sleep effectively. Another reason of facing the concern of lack of sleep is the technology. For instance, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and fascinating features in it makes them more enthusiasm towards it that they even use it in the midnight. These mobile phones release harmful ultraviolet rays which create adverse impact on the health of the person and also might leads to depression which, consequently, causes negative affect on their sleep.

There are many unfavorable consequences of deficiency of sleep. Firstly, when a people having dearth of sleep, it tends to create undesirable impact on their relationship with the other people of the society. For example, they would face difficulty reading facial expressions of the people and interpret most faces as threatening. As a result they would often involve in conflict with the other people living in their vicinity. In addition, due to lack of sleep, people would also face hassle while taking crucial decisions in their company and understand to tackle the problems in a constructive way.

In conclusion, people who are deprived of sleep because of their busy life and enthusiastic use of high tech gadgets leads to bring harmful causes whether in terms of health of an individual or by make their relation worse with the society.


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