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Most schools offer some type of physical education program to their students. Why is physical education important? Should physical education classes be required or optional?

Sample Answer – 1 ( 6.0 Bands)
By : Rohini 

Some individuals are of opinion that physical education should be a part of the school routine while others say it should be optional. It is necessary to delve into both viewpoints. To my brain, I support the former view.

Physical education should be a vital part of every child’s education. One important effect of physical education on children is that they draw children together. Physical education have always bonded children of different backgrounds together with a common goal. It has a unifying effect on children. Having physical education programs a part of the school routine can bring out the hidden talents of children. Some children also end up choosing it as a career.

In the first place, children learn better if they spend a part of each day on physical education. Nowadays, it is believed that children are facing harder academic and social challenges. Physical education can help them take a break from all these challenges and is known to be an effective stress buster.

Children of these days have started spending more time using mobile phones and laptops that they hardly play outdoors. Also, that some children are obsessed with junk foods and are found to be obese. Having physical education taught at school will also be a remedial measure for obese children.

Some people say that physical education programs should be optional for children and it is not required for each and every child. Parents may feel that it might be tiring for the children. They also worry that children may lose track from academics.

But physical education outweighs its negative viewpoints. It contributes to both physical and mental health. It gives the children substantial health benefits and helps the children stay fit. In my opinion, physical education programs are essential and should be a part of the routine in every school.


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