IELTS Solved Essay – 102


IELTS Solved Essay – 102

Some people think that a good diet and exercise are not necessary for a health and long life. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

Sample Answer – 1 ( 6.5 Bands)
By : Kamaldeep

Although it is sometimes thought that it is not essential to have a fine meal and workout for being healthy and prolonged life,I completely disagree with this and believe that balance diet,physical and mental workout are indeed the crucial aspects to maintain health and fitness.

A good reason to have a healthy food is that it ensures the people to work effectively.In other words, people ought to make sure that they have a balanced breakfast early in the morning .Therefore,this will assure them that their body get proper nutrients it required to work efficiently for the whole day ahead of them.Moreover, individuals should be encouraged family meal as they tend to eat better when they are sitting down at a table.There is better control of serving size.

Another point need to consider is that mental exercises enables the individuals to live a long life.Many psychologist believe that meditation makes the people mentally fit and healthy.For instance,since people are exhausted all day at their work place, therefore by doing meditation help them to reduce their stress and relieve their mind.

Finally, physically exercise is very important to keep the body fit and in good shape.To illustrate, nowadays people prefer to eat junk food and stay sedentary at all day.This leads to the concern of obesity.Therfore, people should do daily workout in gym where they can run on treadmill or lift some heavy weights.As a result,they would able to overcome the issue of fatness and keep them fit.
In conclusion,I think people have become workaholic which prevent them to have healthy diet and do physical exercise.However,it is very essential for them to change such life style to remain healthier and longer life.


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