Sample Essay – 51


In many cities of the world, the traffic on the streets has increased many folds in recent years. Some people think that this problem can only be solved by increasing petrol prices.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Sample Answer – 1 (Bands : 6.0)
By : Kuljit Dhaliwal
Traffic congestion is a burning issue worldwide. As more and more people achieve financial independence and buy personal cars, vehicular traffic on the already strained city roads worsens, To discourage more and more people from buying cars and adding to the problem, Some suggest increasing petrol prices. However, I disagree with this viewpoint; As I think their are more viable alternative solutions.

Driving as a mode of transport is freeing, more flexible and in most cases less time consuming. Artificially increasing petrol prices through taxes, will hurt individuals and businesses; who prefer and often depend on vehicles due to these benefits. Not to mention, taxes often prove to be an ineffective measure to disincentivize usage, just as seen in data from taxes on alcohol and tobacco.

To counter, other options like mixed planned cities with designated space for retail in residential areas could reduce the need of commuting. Cities could also be designed or even modified with ample walkways and bike lanes. More innovative ideas such as drone delivery, smaller single person smart cars or simply ambitious public transport options such as mono-rail seem like better alternatives to me.

In conclusion, I believe there are more consquences than positives of imposing more taxes on gas like sacrifice of freedom and flexibility in mobility. When more viable options such as mixed cities, mono rail etc already exist.


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