Sample Essay – 52


Obesity has become a great concern in many countries of the world. What do you think are the major causes of this problem?Suggest some solutions to improve this situation.
Sample Answer – 1 (Bands : 5.5)
By : Kuljit Dhaliwal
More humans today than ever in human history live a less movement intensive daily life; Because of which obesity is major health issue worldwide. Therefore, it becomes necessary to make changes and allocate more time to compensate for drastic lack of activity caused by modern lifestyle.

Sedentary lifestyle where more and more people work nine to five desk jobs and get no daily exercise. Coupling that with flooding of markets with cheap and unhealthy fast food joints, creates an ideal environment for obesity. Furthermore, social issues like lack of safe public spaces, healthy food options and affordable healthcare in poorer communities further worsens the obesity crisis.

To combat this problem we need to encourage more active lifestyle with healthy plant based diet. As, it is often seen obesity is often more prevalent in financially weaker communities. A decent basic minimum wage with universal basic healthcare will certainly help to reduce economical stress. So that, people in these communities can focus more on their health. Along with well maintained accessible public spaces will certainly improve the situation.

In conclusion, obesity is a major health and lifestyle issue. In order to deal with it, we need to encourage and make sure people can afford to make the necessary changes.


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