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The number travelers have increased many times in the last few years. What do you think are the reasons behind this?What are the benefits of traveling for travelers?

Sample Answer – 1 (Bands : 6.5)
By : Kuljit Dhaliwal

Recently, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people touring around the globe. This phenomenon is likely to continue as more and more young people have started to value experiences over buying things.

There are many reasons behind this trend. Firstly, It is comparatively affordable than ever to travel to far away lands, as air travel is cheap and has made most remote places accessible. Secondly, we are currently experiencing global peace for the most part and the world has never been more stable politically in human history. This stability has allowed travellers to explore previously forbidden lands. Additionally, the rise remote jobs and minimalism has made it possible for people to explore full time.

Travelling has countless benefits for wanderers. It provides them with the opportunity to wander into the unknown and escape from otherwise monotonous everyday life. Visiting unfamiliar countries also allows tourists to experience new cultures and possibly learn about new traditions. Travelling is extremely attractive because it can have whatever meaning the traveller wants it to have; it can be a short vacation to cool off from work, it can be an opportunity to create lifelong memories with loved ones or it can be their everyday lifestyle living like a nomad.

To conclude, travelling will most likely continue to grow in popularity in the foreseeable future, As world gets more connected and more people are allowed to visit freely. Also, as people from currently less financially affluent nations can afford to travel and realize its benefits.

Answer : 2


These days, people are visiting different countries more as compare to past years. As per my perspective, there are several causes behind growing tourism in the world and there are many advantages which are achieved by people due to this activity.

To begin with, there are plethora of factors due to which masses are fond of traveling. First of all, it has become a personal choice or hobby of people to explore the world. Due to advanced technology such as Internet and mechanics, people are well aware of new things and activities which are held overseas. Therefore, people feel more passionate to learn about new cultures, languages and to meet people of different nations. Secondly, it could be a necessity of a person owing to which they have to go to other regions. For example, a student has to complete his internship from an international company to fulfill the requirements of his program. Hence, a temporary migration is necessary.

However, it has many benefits for a tourist when the people take a short break from their works and book a holiday package in a new country. A short period vacation helps to alleviate the stress and boost energy and positivity. Consequently, an individual puts extra efforts into their jobs as they feel more fresh and happy. Apart from maintaining the mental health, it educates and escalates the knowledge of a person. It is easier to learn the past history and events after visiting a place.

To conclude, the eagerness of knowing the distinctive activities around the world and to accomplish personal needs influence people to travel, nevertheless, this opportunity helps to enhance knowledge and in the development of the mind of a person.

Bands: 7.0

By : Mandeep Kaur


Answer : 3

During the past years, counts of visitor in different countries have grown a lot. As per my perspective, there are multiple reasons behind this and at the same time this trend has also attached numerous advantages.

To begin with, I highly believe that globalization is the major factor behind increasing number of tourists, due to which people who have hobby of traveling, have started visiting different countries because it is no longer contain a complex process to attain the visitor visa of most of the countries. Apart from this, most of the companies have expand their businesses to the international level. So, to run those businesses smoothly most of the employees have to travel to the different countries to fulfill their job obligations, which also enhance the number of visitors.

Nevertheless, this tendency among different visitors have brought many positive impacts. Firstly, with the help of tourist can get chance to learn and explore the different countries if they are curious to know about the climate, geography and culture, which can help them in their regular course study. Moreover, most of the people are really busy in their work life that they do not get chance to relax. However, when people travel to the different country than they can get chance to refresh their mind, which also increase their proficiency at the work.

To conclude, it can be said that inclination of people towards touring different counties has increased from past few years due to the various reasons and this trend is helping all visitors in different ways.

Bands: 6.0

By: Rajdeep Kaur


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