Sample Essay – 54


Some people think that boys and girls should study in separate schools. Do you think this will have more advantages than disadvantages?
Sample Answer – 1 (Bands : 6.0)
By : Kuljit Dhaliwal
Some socially conservative thinkers argue that children should study in single sex schools. If this was the only model, I would strongly argue that it would probably have more disadvantages than benefits.

I am a strong believer that cookie cutter models don’t work for everyone. However, In this case, since often times, it is the child’s parents who are taking the decision, not the child themselves. I would argue that co ed schools are much better as they better represent the real world, where all sexes interact and work together. Additionally, learning earning in a co-ed also helps prevent sexism, improves communication skills and promotes equality.

Some may point out that single sex schools teach in a more tailored way and students don’t get distracted by opposite sex. However, since I have not seen any major study proving children learn significantly better, I am not convinced on the idea of separate schools. Moreover, looking at increasingly rarity of segregated schools proves my point that it is a failed model and obsolete way of teaching. As, this system produces future adults who face difficulties functioning in a world that relies heavily on communication.
In conclusion, some individuals may perform better in a sex segregated environment. However, since there is no data proving that and someone else is making the decision for the individual; I believe it is overall significantly better to study in a coexisting environment which prepares them for the actual world. Also, promotes equality and co existence.


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