Sample Essay – 60


Some people think that teenagers are the happiest of all age groups, due to fewer responsibilities. Others, however, think that adult life brings more happiness. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer – 1
By : Muhammad Amin

Life has different stages, in which two of them are most popular in people, one is teenage and other is adult hood. Some people favor teenage more than adulthood.

Firstly, I will discuss about teenage life later on will discuss adult life. In teenage life we have ample time to have fun and to play with friends and siblings. For instance, in my teenage life, i used to play video games with my friends for hours and hours because that time I had no responsibility. Another factor in favor of teenage life everybody loves you without any purpose, without any material benefits but on other hand in teenage life we have to financially depend upon our parents. For every need of life we have to ask our parents which we can be our school fee or video games. For instance, in my teenage, I used to play video games and I usually get bored by playing same video game after few days. So, I want to buy new video game to have more fun. In teenage like others I had not enough money to buy new games. So, I have to depend on my parents.

Let’s discuss other phase of life which is adulthood. Adult life is quite different from teenage life. In adult life we have family responsibilities, job problems and issues related to career growth. In adult life we have to balance our life with work and social life which is quite difficult to manage it. Now, I am traveling through my adult life phase in which it is very hard to me to spare some time to spend with family and friends after office hours but beautiful thing in adult life we don’t have to depend on our parents for necessities of life. We can buy whatever we like.

As far as i am concerned, teenage life gives more happiness than adult life because we can share our time with our friend and family as much as we want. We can have more fun without having burden of responsibilities.

Sample Answer – 2 ( 6.0 Bands)
By : Kuljit Dhaliwal

We humans are always in the pursuit of happiness, most of our lives. Be it, aiming to buy next new thing or dealing with romanticizing of past or hoping for future. Similarly, there is a hot debate, whether, teenagers are the happiest with minimal responsibilities or it’s the adults with most financial freedom.

Let’s start with the first viewpoint that teenagers have it better. People with this view usually argue that teenagers have no financial stress as, often they live with their parents, who take care of their needs. Along with constant presence of two oracle like figures, who are always willing to help them in times of need. Whereas, adults on the other hand, are constantly carrying the financial burden and stress of responsibilities for younger family members.

On the other hand second group argues that teenagers are under constant stress to perform better in school, while dealing with hormonal changes and slowly understanding how world works. Often, with limited resources and access to money, teenagers have to request their parents to fulfill their wants. Whereas, adults have financial freedom to allocate whatever funds they have to what and whenever they want. Along with adults are equipped with more life experience and better understanding of world.

To concludes the old but perfectly fitting saying goes “grass is always greener on the other side.” As per my world view, we should live for today while being mindful of tommorow. Therefore, both groups can be happier in their own sense.


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