Sample Essay – 71


The cost of flying has decreased significantly over the last decade. This has made overseas travel much more accessible.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

Sample Answer – 1 (6.5 Bands)

Overseas travel is getting increasingly popular in recent years. Over the last decade the air fare has been decreasing notably which has made travelling abroad much more easy. This essay with discuss the advantages and disadvantages about this recent trend.

Reduction in the cost of air fare has resulted into numerous advantages. Firstly, it has become highly convenient to travel internationally because of the shorter duration of commute over long distance which has significantly saved huge amount of time that otherwise would be wasted in travelling by road. For example, travelling by air is 80% faster than that by road. Secondly, lower air ticket cost also helps a country to grow economically because of the rise in tourism. Local people, for instance, can drastically improve their lives by working in travel and tourism industry. Clearly, reduced air travel cost has some powerful advantages.

However, there are few disadvantages associated with inexpensive air travel. The inexpensive air fare comes at the cost of environmental pollution. The fuel combustion for an airplane is humongous and results into release of extremely high amount of harmful gases. Additionally, travelling by air is tremendously risky because of abrupt climatic changes during the travel. Statistics says that airplanes are prone to accidents due to cloudy and lightning conditions. Evidently, air travel is costlier than we tend to think.

In conclusion, cheap air travel has its own short comings. This essay discussed some of the benefits namely shorter travel duration and economical growth and the drawbacks including environmental pollution and high risk of travel of inexpensive overseas flights.


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