IELTS Sample Essay – 29


Too many old historic buildings are in danger and are being destroyed in many countries. What are the main reasons? How to prevent them?

Sample Answer – 1 (7.5 bands)
By : Rita Giri

A large number of ancient monuments are endangered and in fragile state in many nations due to negligence of government and allowing free entry to those places. Thus, appropriate attention by the authorities and people to enter inside the historical buildings can foster to preserve those monuments. This essay will discuss about the causes of destruction of historical buildings and measures to protect them.

Firstly, reasons of destruction of buildings, which have historical significance are numerous. For one, national bodies are less heedful these days to protect the arts, instead, they are prioritizing in the scientific areas, Whereas in the past, importance to history was given by the government. As a result, most of the monuments are left non-renovated, a truth that makes these buildings fragile, leads eventually to demolish them. In addition this, many historical buildings have free entrance. Therefore, all the people are entering there even without the purpose to observe the building, such as lovers, which makes the buildings filthy. Thus, the predisposing factors that play to destroy old historic buildings can be seen.

However, there are some potential solutions. First of all, governments need to be heedful to repair and renovate the buildings which are weak. For example, one monument of Nepal was demolished because of lack of renovation, which was the property of government, while another historical building protected by non government sector is in proper working condition. Moreover, a system to pay for the entrance can also be implemented, a strategy that caters to prohibit the unnecessary entry of people. Hence, government’s attention and fee to enter inside the monuments will prove to be effective to prevent the destruction of historical buildings.

In conclusion, although, old historical buildings are in fragile condition because of carelessness of governments and free entrance system, however, careful attention of the authorities and policy to pay fee to enter are preventive strategies to avert those ramifications.


These days, a large number of historical monuments are endangered and authorities of most nations favor demolishing them. There are numerous factors contributing to this loss of culture and numerous measures can be taken into consideration to restore these valuable structures.

The first predictable reason of knocking down such buildings is the rapidly increasing population in these areas. In order to overcome this problem, the government declares destroying these monuments to provide accommodation to the needy ones. As a result, these ancient buildings are knocked down to raise housing facilities. Secondly, very few tourists show keen interest in visiting these structures of the bygone era. Also, the cost of repairing these buildings is exorbitant. This further compels the authorities to demolish these buildings and use the finances in providing other amenities to the masses.

Various courses of action can be taken to deal with this issue. The first point to consider is that open land or barren land can be utilized for construction of houses to solve the housing problem without demolishing ancient buildings. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the local authorities to promote the interest about cultural heritage among the people. They can organize cultural celebrations in these buildings to attract more visitors and also impart cultural ethics to them. This will result in generating more funds which can be used in upgrading these monuments.

In conclusion, ancient monuments are being destroyed to make way for residential area for growing population and due to lack of people’s interest in visiting them. However, these problems can be effectively be dealt if the government builds houses on unused lands and enhance tourism by holding cultural activities which can elevate economic growth.

Bands: 7.0


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