What does the Canadian government expects from you to obtain a work permit?

You must meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) , and also you must satisfy the officer in charge that your stay in Canada will be temporary. You have to

  • satisfy an officer that you will be leaving Canada when your employment ends in Canada,
  • show proof of funds of enough amount to take care of yourself and your family members and to return home,
  • be law-abiding and have no record of criminal activity (you may be asked to provide a Police Clearance Certificate),
  • successfully pass a medical examination, if required,
  • prove that your employer is not in the list on the List of Ineligible Employers,
  • prove that you will not be involved in employment involvingĀ  striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages,
  • provide any documents demanded by the officer to confirm your admissibility.


Introductory Questions

1. What is your name?
2. What is your date of birth?
3. Which country do you belong to?
4. What is your educational qualification?
5. What is your work experience?
6. Are you married?
7. How many family members do you have?

Work Related Questions

16. How did you get to know about this job offer?
17. Did you pay anybody to get this job offer?
18. What is the name of your employer?
19. What is the phone number of your employer?
20. Which position is offered to you?
21. What will be your hourly pay rate?
22. What benefits will be given to you by the employer?
23. Describe your job duties?

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