Direct Question Essays

IELTS Essay Writing : Direct Question by RupIELTS Institute Surrey

Example: Doctors say that people do not do enough exercise these days. What are the reasons? Suggest some solutions.

If the question statement includes, Give reasons/factors/causes/solutions/suggestions/opinion etc.”, then the essay comes under this category. So, the candidate will be expected to give answers to the given two questions in the essay question. For example, in an answer to the given essay question, the candidate should write:

  • Reasons of not doing enough exercise (answer to the first question)
  • Solutions to improve the lifestyle and do enough exercise (answer to the second question)

To answer this type of question properly, follow the following format.




Paraphrase the question   +   briefly mention the reasons and solutions



(Body Paragraph 1)


Reasons (reply to the first question)



(Body Paragraph 2)


Solutions (reply to the second question)





Give a summary of the reasons and solutions


Solved example: