IELTS Recent Questions for August 2019

IELTS recent questions for August 2019 are compiled by RupIELTS Institute, Surrey through its students. These are real IELTS exam question as reported by our students.

Questions – 26 August, 2019



Children these days are more interested in pop singers and music than the subjects like history. Why is it so? What can be done about it?



1. What is your full name?
2. What can I call you?
3. Describe the area in which you live.
4. Would you like to change your area?
5. Do people prefer tea or coffee in your culture?
6. What should the government research on, these days?

Cue Card:

What are the two subjects that did not interest you in school?
You should say:
• What were the subjects?
• What were the reasons for this?
• How did you deal with this?

Follow up questions:

1. Which type of subjects are more important to be taught in schools?
2. Do you think national history is more important to be taught than international history?

Questions – 17 August, 2019


A local historical building is going to be pulled down.
Write a letter to the local council. In your letter write:
• Where is the building located?
• Give your suggestions for its preservation.
• Suggest how you would contribute to repair it?


Technology is getting advanced day by day. Some people believe that it makes people’s behaviour more sociable. Others think that technology makes them less social. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.


Cue Card:

Describe a person who looks beautiful to you.
You should say:
• When did you meet him or her?
• Why do you think that he or she looks beautiful?
• Did you tell anyone about him or her?

Questions – 1 August, 2019


Some people believe that people should give gifts and presents to their friends and family members, while others think that care can be shown in other words.
Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.


You gave an interview for a job two weeks ago but you did not receive the result of that interview. Write a letter to the manager of that company. In your letter:
– describe that job
– why do you want your result
– why do you think that the interview went well.


Describe a physical activity that you have learnt
-what activity was it
– why did you learn it
– how did you feel after learning it

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