IELTS Essay 79


In some countries, it is common for children to work for money or gaining work experience, but some people consider this as completely wrong. Do you think this kind of work has more advantages than disadvantages?

Working at the age where a person is considered as a minor is like a trend in a number of nations, in order to achieve exposure and to become financially independent. This act is considered as unfair by some folks. In my perspective, the demerits of doing job during childhood overshadow its significance.

To start with, there are many undesirable results of doing work at immature stage of life. Firstly, a child gets distracted from studies as a result of his attraction towards gaining money. Consequently, a minor loses his interest in achieving his dream objectives of life. In addition, when children get indulged in earning money, he does not think about any other thing and start putting extra efforts to attain more. Therefore, children put themselves under tremendous amount of pressure. This stress further leads to mental trauma and that results in diminished mental ability. For instance, a recent study in Canada at Vancouver Community College has demonstrated that younger population working in every area of business are unable to achieve higher position because they started jobs at very early age and they dropped their studies in between.

On the other hand, there are also some positive impacts of starting work at young age. The most renowned benefit of working as children is acquiring financial security. There is one period when children want independence in their life. By doing job, a child becomes self-dependent and as a result, he starts feeling more confident. Furthermore, independence significantly motivates a person to accomplish their future goals that could further make a child aware about his strengths and weaknesses. As a result, a persons gets knowledge about different areas where he needs to put effort to get desirable results in future.

To encapsulate, even though doing job while childhood makes a child more efficient and productive with the attainment of confidence gained through independence. Whereas, in accordance with my thoughts, the shortcomings of working at minor age overshadow the merits because it has undesirable impacts upon a child’s education and his future career.

Bands: 6.0

By: Amandeep Kaur


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