IELTS Solved Essay – 73


IELTS Solved Essay – 73

Children these days are less respectful of their adults. What are the causes of this negative trend?What steps can be taken to cope up with this problem?

Nowadays, it is often observed that the youth is lacking respect for their seniors. There are many parental and societal issues due to which children are less concerned about respecting their elders, however, proper guidance and media support can resolve this issue.

The reason for the juveniles to be disrespectful towards their elders are numerous. First, there is a lack of time devoted by parents to their kids. In the past, parents spent majority of their leisure time with their kids which consequently, strengthened the parent-child bond, however, these days, the lack of time devoted by parents to juveniles often makes them less responsible and respectful towards their elders. Indeed, the other reason for kids being disrespectful towards their elders is the exposure to social media. In other words, media make children so obsessed with violent programmes displayed on the screen that children as a result, forget the value of respect they show to their young ones.

There are several solutions which can resolve the issue of children being less respectful towards their elders. Firstly, guardians or parents should spend quality time with their kids to preach moral lessons to them. Thus, it can inculcate the sense of morality in children. Besides this, the media should monitor the quality of content being displayed on the internet. As a result, children would only watch the content suitable to their age rather than watching vulgar content, which enhances the sense of disrespectful behavior in children.

In conclusion, although kids are heading towards the disrespect of their elders, nevertheless this can be prevented by parents and the media by understanding their responsibilities.


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