RUP(I)ELTS Cue Card 1 – Describe an environmental law

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Talk about an environmental law that your country should implement.

You should say:

  • What law should it be
  • Who should follow the law
  • Do you think it would be easy to implement and enforce this law


  1. simran says:

    the law could be “garbage disposal”.
    – laws by the government,
    – strict actions should be taken (fines)
    -people should follow the law
    -garbage should be categorized before dumping.
    -products should be recycled

  2. Navdeep says:

    Law could be reduction in use of vehicles as it creates noise and air pollution
    must be followed by everyone even the government employees in order to show equality
    it will not be easy as nowadays people are more reliable on vehicles for their day to day activity

  3. Arsh Ghai says:

    The law could be “Ban on smoking at public Places
    -Air Pollution, Diseases
    – Passive Smoking is more dangerous
    -Need to enforce the law
    -Enforcement of the law is needed (Fine)

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