RUP(I)ELTS Cue Card 91– A favorite photograph

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Describe one of your favorite photographs.
You should say:

• When the photograph was taken
• What it looks like
• What significant memory you have regarding this photograph



  1. Orunta Alyssa says:

    My favorite photograph is my family first ever vacation photograph. It was taken in an amazing hill called saji at Jos plateau state. This photograph is really remarkable because it has all the members of my family in it and it was taken in a beautiful scenery. The photograph holds a very special memory in my family because of the bond we shared in that vacation. It shows my hugging my dad very closely and the rest us standing lovingly by their side. The photograph is a constant reminder that where ever I find myself, I’ll always have the love of my family.

  2. rimal says:

    Photographs are memories to cherish lifetime. I am really fond of photography and try to preserve every moment by capturing it. Out of all the pictures I have , the most favourite of mine is my mothers picture that I clicked few years back while she was working in the kitchen. That picture is so candid that whenever I miss her I just look at the picture and a simple glaze makes me feel closer to her as it so real and natural. This picture is very close to my heart and I always keep it with me in my mobile. However, the days when I am feeling very low I will just stare the lovely smile on my mother’s face in that snap and I am all okay.

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