Sample Essay – 4


IELTS Solved essay collection is a compilation of solved essays by students of RupIELTS Institute.The essays are of various bands.

Some people think that the internet has brought people closer together while others think that people and communities are become more isolated?
Discuss both sides and give ur opinion.

Sample Answer – 1 ( 6.5 Bands)
By : Kamaldeep

Although it is sometimes thought that the technology of internet brings the person connect with one another,others believe that it makes the individual socially less interactive.In my opinion,I consider that internet enables the person more approachable with the other people through the public network such as facebook or instagram,however it should not be used to the detriment of the society interaction.

On the one hand,some people think that internet makes the person easier to stay in touch with the rest of the world through the social networking websites and I agree.In other words,if people are living in abroad,they can interact with their beloved with the help of facebook or skype.This allows them to share their photograps,texts or make a video call.As a result, their relationships become stronger.In addition,social media also enable the persons to become associate with their childhood friends and school teachers to whom they have not met since decades.

On the other hand,it is commonly believe that due to the internet,people have become disconnected with the other individuals of the society.For instance,when people would Devote most of the time in their room alone and enthusiastically use of their smartphones or computers,which might otherwise they would have spent that time with their neighbours and family members which,consequently,separate themselves and cut-off the direct communication with the other people.Hence,they would might be feel lonely and depressed which produces detrimental effects on their health.

In conclusion,while people may vary in their opinions,I think that internet makes the person more accessible to each other.Nevertheless, regardless of how useful the internet is for the society,this should not the result in more focus being placed on it and ignore the physical communication with the other people.


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