Sample Essay – 56


A number of people think that that volunteer work(for example charity, teaching to younger children etc.) should be compulsory for high school children. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Kuljit Dhaliwal
Bands – 6.5
Volunteering means, when one does something to help out a cause or an organization one deeply care’s about but is not obligated to do so. Therefore, I completely disagree with making volunteer work mandatory for high schoolers.
Compulsion for volunteering will not only blur the emotional drive of love and compassion often behind volunteer work. But, will also discourage young people from volunteering and starting their own movements from the grassroots. Instead, school children should be encouraged to do social work as it teaches them to care for community and not only self gain, as we are taught in present capitalistic culture.
Forced volunteering is not only wrong but it’s called conscription and conscription is often met with massive public outrage. For instance, the peace movements of the late 60’s and early 70’s protested against forced enlistment during the Vietnam conflict. Not to forget, making charity work mandatory fundamentally goes against its actual definition.
In Conclusion, unpaid work is a beautiful thing and should be encouraged in schools, As the motive of the worker is to help the collective and not any individual gain. However, when obligatory, it infringes upon individual freedom and often sows discontent. Therefore, school children should be encouraged and taught about helping others but I’m still unconvinced that forcing it will do any good.


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