Sample Essay – 73


Nowadays, many people choose ready made food and refuse to cook at home. Why do you it happens? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice?

Sample Answer – 1 ( Bands)
By : Kamaldeep Singh

These days people are preferring to eat food at a restaurant rather than cooking it at their home because of a sedentary lifestyle. Although ready to eat food is convenient for the people.However,there are also drawbacks to be taken into account.

firstly,one benefit of ready made food is that it is very suitable for the people.In other words, nowadays people have become workaholics and do not have enough time to cook home food.Therefore,they would rather give a order of meal from their home and are enjoyed home delivery.Secondly, ready to eat food is the ability to save time and energy that cooking requires.For instance, shopping for groceries is time consuming itself as is the process of preparing and cooking the food,then cleaning up the afterwards.

On the other hand,one problem of having ready made food is that it is unhygienic as often restaurants use inferior quality of ingredients which , consequently,produces detrimental effect on the health of the person.Another possible issue is that restaurant food might leads to the concern of obesity.To illustrate,the serving size of meal is under control at home and tends to eat better.Nevertheless, when we go outside at food court,it is likely to eat junk food which uses excessive amd impure oil.As a result people becomes bulky.

In conclusion,I would say,Since people are busy in their rat race after material possessions and prefer to the restuarant food which gives comfort to them and save thier time.Still,it might also leads to create negative impact on the health of the individual.


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