Sample Essay – 75


Computers are increasingly popular these days. Many people think that the advantages that the computers have brought over weigh the disadvantages. What is your opinion?

Sample Answer – 1 (7.5 bands)
By : Rita Giri

Nowadays, computers have become an essential part of people’s lives because of which many are using them. It is considered by some that merits of using computers are more than its demerits, While others argue that computers beget negative ramifications. In my opinion, using computers has several benefits because it makes our life more easier.

One good reason to support that the advantages of using computers over weigh its disadvantages is that it helps to save time which makes life more comfortable. In the past, people spent immense time calculating any mathematical problem manually which was too difficult for them. However, by the invention of technology such as computers, people can do their calculations instantly, a fact that results in giving comfort to the people. Moreover, using computers is less expensive than carrying out work with hand.

On the other hand, with the development of computers, children can be attracted more to watch computer programs and therefore, they may waste too much time on computers rather than study, resulting in poor academic results. But, close supervision of parents and guardians can prevent those adversities. In addition to this, because of using computers, it has become easy to store the valuable documents. Whereas traditionally, people would suffer from losing their credentials due to damage of files. Thus, using computers is advantageous.

In conclusion, although computers have potential drawbacks, these can be curbed. Therefore, I would like to reiterate my opinion that computers have more positive impacts because it makes life more easier.


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